Airsoft – Proving its Value in Training –
Okay so let’s get back into the training with ammunition flying out of the stores as fast as they can get it. The days of hundreds and I mean hundreds of rounds, shooting until your fingers hurt from loading are a thing of the past. I’m just saying. We must now improve our game, training and supplement our live gun range training with Airsoft. Yes, I said it! If Interactive Gunfighting is any indication of this then I am right on point and the first to be doing this. IG is teaching handgun/long guns with red guns, Airsoft weapons, guns set up for Simunition all the same as a live blasters. IG training is done all the same way like every one of the weapons was live. It is not a game in any way. The training we bring to the student is as if you’re the target. Straight away I can tell you the first few weeks of Interactive Gunfighting has proven that movement and distance is your friend! The force on force drills and core training have gone very well. Interactive Gunfighting has filled both bi-monthly classes and had to establish a waiting list of people who now want to train. The training is not hours, nope. Not days, nope. Not even weeks. The training is ongoing and we fight first from the targets view and then work on the problems we have identified in our training. Only once we have worked it over and over with Airsoft and Sim’s do we head to the live range so that we have a clear training plan and get the most out of our live pew pew pew. Come check us out. Lots of people talk junk as I hunt and peck the keyboard. I am all good with that. You can get it almost right from a lot of instructors. Hey it’s only your life. It’s your world I’m just passing through it.