Before Buying another Firearm –
Q: Cruz, I have this old firearm and I now need to buy a black high speed, bottom feeding blaster to stay safe and bla bla bla………. Great here we go again…….If you want to buy one or ten that’s fine. But again buying a set of Dress Blues doesn’t make you a Marine. It just makes you a clown in the best dress uniform of the military. Still, a clown none the less. Maybe just maybe it would do you some good to take a look at what you have now in the way of firearms. Do the guns or gun you have now work and work 100%? Do you have enough magazines, moon clips, speed loaders etc. for them? Have you wanted better sights or grips but always said I will get them later. What about cleaning gear, slings or holsters? I believe and my work bench is proving it that this is being done and I am happy to see it. I have been working on a mess of older but still very capable firearms from local people. I have up-graded old springs and added better sights, new grips and done what I can to find magazines and speed loaders. No, matter how many up-grades or needed add-ons you do one still must get some solid training. More on the training end of things to come read on. Don’t overlook your weapons that have just been taking up space in your gun safe or secure location. You are locking your weapons up, right? If not you need to be!

Now I’m not telling you to take your Colt Python out and rattle can tactical tan finish it, gorilla tape a sure-fire light on it and add a red dot sight to it and say you are good to go. If the end of the world comes kicking your door in. Will this or that be your go to blaster? Take a look at that blaster and see if it’s best for you to hold onto it or should I get a holster for it, maybe better sights and a few speed loaders just in case. How about some ammunition? What about going to shoot the old blaster and see how it’s performing. You may be relatively pleased with the life left in her. So take a look at what you have. Do a detailed breakdown of what is working 100% and is bomb proof. Take a look at what needs to be done to get them up to speed. Not what would be cool to have, but what is needed. Ask yourself when was the last time you did any range training with it? I am amazed at how many people carry a small back up handgun and only shoot there full size pistol. They tell themselves that it’s all the same and they are going to be able to grab the little heater after all hell breaks lose and the primary handgun is gone. I will just pull my little pocket pistol and fight my way to safety. Hello BULLSHIT! It’s a handgun and that’s about it. Yes, you will need to see the sights and pull the trigger but that’s really where it ends. So get some range time, training time with the ones you love and the weapons you are going to defend your life with and the ones you love.