BS Training Methods by Combat Virgins and Prostitutes –
let’s talk a little about some BS training trends. As I am a little long in the tooth, I remember a day when every karate magazine cover had some black belt master in a set of military combat pants. His system was now a combat system and he alone had all the answers to un-armed hand to hand combat. NINJA please! It was BS then and it’s still BS now. Just like all the new self named experts that are now popping up to teach a school defense shooting course. Now, some of the instructors doing this have the depth of knowledge to be doing this training. But if you are one of the self fulfilling, self righteous, bottom feeders, which took a shooting course and you’re now an expert and you are doing this to line your pockets. Please go back to whatever else you were doing because your BS ego is going to get people hurt or even killed. So unless you have engaged a shooter in a school shootout or anything close. Anything you say is your best guess nothing more, nothing less! In the few hours or even in the few days of training you will be giving people what training? I don’t care how cool you are, what or who is backing you, what your t-shirt has written on it. It’s your best guess and the training you give I dare to say will not even touch on what needs to be a great number of hours to get the sheep to stand up to the wolf. So if you are looking for training in anything do your homework and get some information on who is teaching you. For the love of Pete ask questions! I just had a sharp student of mine ask me after a number of private shooting classes that they didn’t understand how to use the sights. I said how can this be? I am a great trainer and they have been doing a good job and hitting the target. So I needed to rethink the question and remember that I have been on the trigger for 20 plus years not them. We cleared up things and we’re good to go soon after and I look forward to more training together. The moral of the story is to ask questions! For the love of Pete ask questions. If it’s not clear to you ask questions. Question everything.