Before things get out of control and you end up with a bunch of unwanted gear and equipment, SLOW DOWN.

It looks like everyone is starting to get in their own gear and equipment. Great news but with that I am starting to see a few issues. I would like to touch on a few things if I may.

Air Soft weapons; I am a home owner, father, husband and as my children think a walking ATM. I do not have a bottomless bank account. But with that being said it only benefits the shooter to get a quality airsoft weapon that is as close to one for one (size) as its live fire counterpart. Yes, some training can be better than no training. I get that. If the training aid you buy (your blaster) doesn’t give you the right feedback then are you getting the training you really want? Is this the training aid you want to be using or just something to get by with? Interactive Gunfighting stresses this point to the shooter; you are using an airsoft weapon to complement your live fire training. Not just to play pew pew pew in your backyard for inexpensive money. We are still talking about saving your live or the life of someone you love, right? The airsoft firearm will enhance your training by giving the shooter real feedback at a fraction of the cost of live ammo. It will also ease your training requirements so you can train at your own home. But don’t lose sight of the overall goal; it’s to enhance your live fire training. If your airsoft training firearm does not do that, slow down and do what you need to do before you waste even short money on something that isn’t right. Remember I’m still thinking were in this to save your life or the life of a loved one.

I have IG airsoft training weapons and they are there for the class to use. That’s you guys. If you need to use them please do so.

I want to see the shooter excel, train hard and be dedicated to making class. Doing everything you can and getting less from the training because you saved a few dollars and bough a substandard airsoft training aid. Not acceptable.

Take the time to ask questions? Shop around; get what’s best for you. Make sure it’s as close to one for one as it can be of the live firearm you will use. All this will help take your training to a higher level. That’s all I care about, you and keeping you safe!