It has taken me a few tries to get this together. If you train with Interactive Gunfighting or so many other academies, you will be introduced to the idea of scanning. Yes, it’s true after you shoot and solve the problem at hand you need to do a number of things. So let’s get into this “scanning” thing (post fight ritual) that is all the rage. ARE you for real ninja? I will just say that the first caveman after killing man or beast looked around to see who was next or what he needed to do next. It starts way back there. Do you think that’s changed any? No, we have just become tactical educated better. We are going to scan for a number of reasons. We all understand the body alarm reactions that will take place during this fight for your life with a weapon. Scanning will help the body start to overcome and recover from these body alarm reactions. This thing “scanning” will do too is to get you to open both eyes if not that way already and breath. Next it gets you to search for other things that need shooting and other things that don’t need shooting. Before I go to much deeper into this I have to bring up this word……..TACTICS See with that it kills all the what if bullshit to follow. Scanning is like any other tactic if misunderstood, used wrong or in the wrong place or at the wrong time. It’s just wrong! So I am going to talk about a limited engagement to stop a threat. You have one shooter and possibly one bad guy in this event. After your shooting to stop the action of the threat that caused you to shoot is finished. You the shooter looking through the sights, sights still on the threat and reading the battle field, you will scan your threat. (follow through) You are now going to determine if you have giving enough good news or if more is needed. You will be on threat on trigger. Once you the shooter are convinced to your satisfaction that the threat is no longer a threat, you will come off the now down threat and your finger will come off the trigger. Off threat Off Trigger! The area directly around the threat can now be scanned. Both eyes open and inputting data from the fight. Next open the area you need to scan. After you have scanned the area and inputted data and its clear then you can start to do everything else. What is everything else? “See tactics” if I tell you what to do it will be guessing, I’m not going to do that with your life. So your tactical situation will tell you what you need to do. Like top off and clear the body. Unload and wait for the police. You may need to communicate with others in the area. Maybe do some medical stuff. So on and so on! No one for sure knows. Your training should include as many endings as possible. To give you the needed tactics to support the situation you end up in.

I want to emphasis this point by a day in my trip overseas. On this one day I when I was awarded for valor in combat did I scan as I engaged the enemy? Yes, I did! I had to quickly read the battlefield and see the attack. I had to make sure the ones I stopped stayed that way. I was running out of ammo with every shot I made. I knew we didn’t have anybody to coming to help us. (ask me how one day, great story) I needed to think ahead and be where the enemy was moving to hit us again. It sucks bad enough to get ambushed once but twice in one hour. You know your Gods upset with you for real. So I was going to make sure It didn’t go their way a 3rd time. The closest sand cricket to me was right at the end of my muzzle and the farthest was outside of M203 range but inside tracer burn. (figure it out) Each one I stopped received the proper attention needed limited by the tactical time I had. This gunfight was well over and hour and I was pretty busy. I am not giving you my opinion or what I think may go on or not go on. I am sharing with you a lesson that saved my life and the life of others that fight alongside me in a faraway place I just can’t let go. Only you can decide what tactic at the right time will be the one you need. Until then train hard and train well


Semper Fi