Wake Up –
Living just up the road from Newtown Connecticut I couldn’t begin to think as a father how the parents of the children and teaches felt on that day. I just want to say God Bless them all. My heart broke hearing about the actions of one less than human POS. You all will be forever in my prayers.

Living just down the road from Boston a number of us have talked about the war coming to our shores and here it is. Welcome to the war on terror America.

As for the rest of us that are left do deal with the fallout of these horrific events. I will just say this and this alone. WAKE THE HELL UP! See these for what they are. Find the facts out before you trade away our freedoms for safety. It’s time to get involved, please do. God bless America, One nation under God.

Gougers –
If you are living under a rock or in an ivory tower this may not mean anything to you but for the rest of us it’s crazy right now. Crazy, in the way of trying to buy anything firearm related. Cruz believes if you paid X for something and want to sell it for y that’s fine. But for you scumbags selling magazines for example like ten times more then what you paid to screw each other. Just walk to the front of I’m a full blown scumbag line. You know right where the line starts. Oh and if you feel better about not selling them and telling your bro’s that you will trade for stuff ten times the value….yup you guessed it go to the head of the line again. Stop the bullshit. Now if your cost goes up tenfold well then so be it. If you’re not getting the point yet, make a profit, very cool and that’s the way of the free world. But if you are screwing the rest of us by driving the prices on everything up because you’re a scumbag you need to stop this insanity.