Pistol Courses

IG’s ultra-functional approach departs from old-fashioned linear teaching progressions (i.e. basic, intermediate, and advanced courses) by imparting a core set of skills expanded upon by focus and specialty courses.

Core development is the fastest way to gain gunfighting skill, and thereafter, permits trainees to select from an extensive menu of courses according to their personal needs.

Cruz’ program offers trainees the combat-critical benefit of Cross-Platform Habits, which means developing handling habits that transfer from pistol to rifle to shotgun.

IG’s Training courses introduce you to a skill by shooting at targets first, and then realistically employs those training skills with someone shooting back at you in the corresponding Interactive course.

Training Courses = Shooting at Targets with Ammunition or Airsoft BB’s
Interactive Courses = Shooting at each other with Simunition or Airsoft BB’s
Informational Courses = Non-shooting lectures and activities

  1. Safety and nomenclature (1 hour)
  2. Fundamentals of firing (3 hours)
  3. Holsters and dynamic drawing (1 hour)
  4. Reloads and stoppages (1 hour)
  5. Integrating movement (2 hours)
  6. Interactive Gunfighting (4 hours)                                           core skills program
  7. One-handed shooting training (1 hour)                         focus and specialties courses
  8. One-handed shooting interactive (1 hour)
  9. Unstructured shooting training (1 hour)
  10. Unstructured shooting interactive (1 hour)
  11. Handgun for Lefties training (1 hour)
  12. Handgun for Lefties interactive (1 hour)
  13. Low-light training (2 hours)
  14. Low-light interactive (2 hours)
  15. Defense in your home / office training (4 hours)
  16. Defense in your home / office interactive (4 hours)
  17. Gunfighting from vehicles training (4 hours)
  18. Gunfighting from vehicles interactive (4 hours)
  19. Modes of transportation training (4 hours)
  20. Modes of transportation interactive (4 hours)
  21. Pistol and Knife in Tandem training (4 hours)
  22. Pistol and Knife in Tandem interactive (4 hours)
  23. Interactive Gunfighting for Ladies training (8 hours)
  24. Interactive Gunfighting for Ladies interactive (4 hours)
  25. Multiple attackers interactive (4 hours)
  26. Accessing interactive (4 hours)
  27. Retention and Disarming interactive (4 hours)
  28. Protecting Others interactive (8 hours)
  29. Paired/Team Tactics
  30. Staging an Ambush
  31. Safety Card for State
  32. CCW Mulit-state permit
  33. CCW live-fire qualification
  34. Become NRA certified
  35. Become NRA Instructor
  36. Complete Weapons Care
  37. DIY upgrades and repairs
  38. All about ammo
  39. Hand Signals / Communications