Rifle Courses


Participants enjoy a wide selection of focus and specialty scenario to expand and apply those skills in a variety of real-life scenarios.

Training Courses = Shooting at Targets with Ammunition or Airsoft BB’s
Interactive Courses = Shooting at each other with Simunition or Airsoft BB’s

  1. Safety
  2. Fundamentals of firing
  3. Mounting and shouldering
  4. Reloads and stoppages
  5. Integrating movement
  6. Interactive Rifle Fighting                                         core skills program
  7. Bilateral shooting training   (either side)          focus and specialties courses
  8. Bilateral shooting interactiverifle-course
  9. Alternate shooting training
  10. Alternate shooting interactive
  11. Low-light training
  12. Low-light interactive
  13. Defense in your home / office training
  14. Defense in your home / office interactive
  15. Rifle Fighting from vehicles training
  16. Rifle Fighting from vehicles interactive
  17. Modes of transportation training
  18. Modes of transportation interactive
  19. Extremely Close Quarters Rifle training
  20. Extremely Close Quarters Rifle interactive
  21. Rifle Fighting for Ladies training
  22. Rifle Fighting for Ladies interactive
  23. Rifle Fighting for Lefties training
  24. Rifle Fighting for Lefties interactive
  25. Multiple attackers interactive
  26. Transitioning Rifle-Pistol-Knife Training
  27. Transitioning Rifle-Pistol-Knife interactive
  28. Rifle Retention and Disarming interactive
  29. Protecting Others interactive
  30. Personal Protection interactive
  31. Paired/Team Tactics
  32. Elements of Ambush