Monthly IG Training

Ongoing IG Force and Force Training

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fight with your firearms and develop self-defense skills that are derived from the fight; not the average flat range or unrealistic idea of what the fight will be? The Interactive Gunfighting Cornerstone Course is a fantastic opportunity to start training on a regular basis that is ongoing with one of the best instructors in the business. This is not a one and done force on force check in the box type of course. This is a recurring course that puts you into the fight. The force on force training prepares you to defend yourself against: firearm situations, knife attacks, and multiple attackers in real world scenarios.  These situations illustrate just some of the areas that we focus on. The defending of your home, shooting while in and around vehicles, engaging a public shooter, the rescue of loved ones, and other challenging tactical situations are all taught in this course as well. Make no mistake, this is not a shooting course but a non-shooting course. IG’s monthly training continues to train all aspects of the fight game.


  • August 8th – Added Live Fire

August 15th – Scheduled Live Fire

  • September 12th – Added Live Fire

September 19th – Force On Force

October 17th – Live Fire

  • November 14th – Added Live Fire

November 21st – Force On Force

  • December 12th – Added Live Fire

December 19th – Force On Force


August 9th – Classroom only at the warehouse.

August 23rd – Force On Force at the Warehouse

September 6th and September 20th – Training for both dates will be at FAF Gym.

October 18th – Live fire evaluation course ( BE READY )

November 15th – This will be shotgun, shotgun, and more shotgun! The 15th will be about running the guns.

November 29th – This will be shotgun, shotgun, and more shotgun. The 29th will be feeding the guns.

December 13th – This will be a double day, 4 hours of live fire RIFLES only.

Contact Cruz directly with whatever questions you have and/or to schedule a visit to observe training.