Hosting a FLY-TO Workshop

Hosting a FLY-TO Workshop

When the venue is far enough that the instructor must fly.
We’re sure you can understand why we can only confirm events with hosts who have sufficient cash or credit to guarantee instructors are paid for their work. Even with flights paid in advance, experience has taught us not to confirm any events where the host must rely on income collected at the door to pay the instructor’s fee or hotel. If the host is certain there will be enough attendees/income, they should have no concern to put it on their card and pay it back with those funds. These are our terms and stipulations and we reserve the right to adjust them anytime:

Confirming a Workshop:
*The Instructor and the host will agree on dates
*The Instructor will book his own flight and hotel
*The host will transfer sufficient funds to pay for the airline ticket into the Instructor’s PayPal.
*Once the ticket is purchased, only then is the event considered confirmed and if the host cancels the event for any reason, the airline ticket is forfeited.

50% Deposit and 50% Balance Due:
* 50% of the Instructor’s fee must be paid 60 days before the event – or the event will cancel.
(Should the event be cancelled inside 60 days typically it is too late to schedule another in that interval
and that income-producing weekend is lost to them).
* If the host cancels the seminar for any reason, all deposits and monies paid are forfeited.
* The 50% balance of the Instructor’s fee must be paid at least 7 days before the event – or the event will cancel.
(Instructors will not leave home unless they have been paid in full).

When the Instructor is There:
* The host will provide or pay for all necessary ground transportation (no motorcycles or scooters).
* The host must use their own credit card to check the instructor into the hotel.

Responsibilities of the Host:
* The host provides the venue (must permit wearing athletic footwear).
* The host determines who is invited, how much they pay, and owns the profit or loss.
* The host handles all registrations and administrative tasks.
* The host guarantees to hold the instructor and his company free of any financial obligations tied to the event.

Marketing the Event:
* We are always happy to provide email and printable ads and flyers for you.
* We are very particular about marketing (because it effects our reputation) and therefore unauthorized advertising can result in the event being cancelled and the host will forfeit the air ticket and deposit.